Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Pashut Times!

In this day in age, we are living in "not pashut times." These times of ours are largely not pashut, and especially not pashut where we call home - America(Galus). The goal of this blog is to try to illustrate and verify how these times are not pashut, while at the same time, try to incorporate ideas on how to prevail over these "N.P.T" through Dvar Torah, unique insights, and hopefully some laughs.


brian said...

Through your insightful torah and unparalled determination, hopefully you can help us make these "N.P.T" a little more pashut. Your an inspiration to us all.Keep doing what your doing M"M.

With much love and admiration,
Shmuel Aharon Hoenig

CR said...

I love where this blog is going! It's about time someone recognized how "nisht pashut" the times we live in are-I can really see this thing take off fast- Just keep posting!! -if i see any good stuff for u to post ill let u know.
GO LANDERS!! (and shor yoshuv!)

Jeremy said...

You know whats NP NPT i dont think there was ever a time where jews laid back and said you know what right know it's just about But since I am a frum yid and enjoy complaining you know whats not pashut FINALS.. it should just be called bitul torah or bitul judaism i wouldeven call it bitul torah its more like a full blown Hafkaa of Torah this is not Pashut