Monday, June 30, 2008


This was from Aish haTorah, i think its amazing chizuk. SO have a pashut week and a tasty fabulous and phenomenal shab!

Moses' Mistake Torah Portion: Chukatby Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt
The story of Moses striking the rock is only a short seven verses of the Torah. And yet it is one of the most well-known stories of all. (Try it yourself: Write a story in seven sentences that will be remembered by much of the world three and a half millennia hence. You've got to be impressed.)
Getting back to the point, however, what exactly is the nature of Moses' mistake? Does he get angry, does he lose his head for a moment, does he get impatient?
We need not conjecture. The Torah spells it out for us in simple Hebrew: Moses, the lawgiver, the one who brought the Ten Plagues to Egypt, the one who split the Sea of Reeds and produced manna from Heaven, "did not have enough faith in God" (Numbers 20:12).
Now whatever "Moses not have enough faith in God" may mean (and it requires some serious explanation), one thing is clear - this is no little mistake. It's serious stuff. For the Torah to say this about Moses, and for God to 'punish' him by prohibiting his entry into the land of Israel, he must have done something pretty bad.
King Solomon tells us in Proverbs (24:16), "A righteous man falls seven times and rises. An evil man falls but once." Every one of us, even Moses, transgresses. Every one of us makes mistakes. Often big mistakes. But the issue is not whether you make mistakes, it's how you deal with the mistakes you make.
Steal once and you are not a thief. You are a good person who has stolen. Steal a number of times and you are still not a thief. You are a good person who steals. Identify with the act of stealing; see yourself as a thief - only then do you become a thief. A righteous man might steal, but he will try to change who he is. He may steal again and try to stop himself again. He may steal many times and "rise," as Solomon says. He only becomes the evil man when he stays down; when he says that he cannot rise; when he gives up on ever being good and stops trying. By so doing, he creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Moses made a major mistake. In fact, he made a few major mistakes. And yet, he is considered the greatest man in Jewish history: the lawgiver, the teacher of all of Israel, the man who spoke to God "face to face."
God does not demand, or even request, perfection. He merely asks that we strive toward that goal. There are many stumbling blocks along the way. And we are bound to stumble, and stumble again. But it's crucial that we see them as setbacks, not defining moments.
We all make mistakes. It's part of being human. But don't identify with those mistakes. Don't see yourself as being incapable of moving past what you have done. If you are a good person who makes mistakes, you will always rise again no matter how low you fall. If, however, you see yourself as a "bad" person - i.e. since you are "a thief," you might as well steal. In that case, you'll stay down when you fall. And that's the biggest mistake of all.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

(NP)Tefillin Barbie

Click on the link for all your tefillin barbie needs...
"In 2006, Jen Taylor Friedman—one of the first soferot (female ritual scribes) in a male-dominated profession—gave Barbie a new look: she created a version of the famous doll sporting modest clothing, a tallit (prayer shawl) and her own miniature pair of tefillin (phylacteries). tefillin Barbie—whose picture swept through the blogosphere—provokes reactions that range from disgust to shock to amusement to great admiration."

props to Elisha for the pics and links

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sohn - A Young Jew

check out this guys name...
someone has been hitting the Reishit gym

yes, I do google and youtube my name when I am bored, don't you?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RBS - Mini America?

To say the least, this video annoyed me. It is definitely not pashut.

If you want to live in mini America, why don't you just stay in AMERICA!?
The reasons this video gives to move to Israel are; people speak English, they sell tacos and other American foods, and you don't have to beg relatives to bring you stuff back from America, because you have it all there! I thought the reason to make aliyah is to get away from America...

Monday, June 16, 2008

A TRIBUTE TO: כבני צאן

Young Sheeps- No Not Related Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamb

And their cousins

Sohn U bakar,

Kivnay Sohn,

Poteach et Yadecha umasbiya chol chai raSOHN,

Rav Menachim Mendel ShneerSOHN,

It's SOHNing Outside,

Its raining its SOHNing the old man is shtayging,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


In these days with all the bacteria in our houses, we need something so pashut yet powerful so g-d created ,

Did you know that it has 5 times the cleaning power than the leading number 2 brand.

Thats why this world has become not pashut with 2 headed turtles and everything like that