Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yes that's right! It's not pashut that a fellow Jew wants to give away what many Jewish people died for. And I'm not talking about the shwarma place near YU because that's a different Golan. I'm talking about the one in the Holiest land ever. If i recall correctly while i was visiting the Golan last year it was a BIG NES that we even won the war and were able to control the Golan. As much as i want to say how dare a Jew give away something that it rightfully ours, all i can say is that if there is one thing we can learn is that Rav Shimon bar Yochai, who hid in a cave for 14 years to escape the "not pashut" roman persecution. When he was finally able to come out, one of the first lessons he taught was that we should always try to see the good in what people do even when at first it's not apparent.

Hence, even though i know we see nothing apparently good in the slightest bit about even negotiating the Golan. I know hash-m has got our back! Do you know why? Because hash-m does it big! pashut Big

O and btw the new Polish (really Chinese) bicycle (i heard Reishit's getting one for the new gym) Now that's not what we call Pashut bicycle or unicycle

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