Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why didn't this NPT party win?

This is one of the campaign videos from the "Aleh Yarok" - the Green Leaf party (the people who want to legalize marijuana.)

The following is from commenter on youtube explaining what is going on...

The ad shows Kopatsch (an Israeli comedian) smoking a joint while sitting on the grave of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister. In this pastoral and politically significant setting, Kopatsch offers Ben-Gurion his insight on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"David, We haven't talked for so long. Do you want a drag? Oh yeah, you only smoke cigarettes. You know what, David, there are over a million people in this country who smoke this stuff. Do you know how much it costs me? A fortune! And do you know who grows and produces it? Hamas and Hezbollah! Yes, David, yes. As a former minister of defense, it's important for you to know this. They're making a fortune out of this stuff, and they're using the money to buy rockets to launch at us. Isn't that a pity, David? Why shouldn't this be legal? If it were legal we could cultivate it here in the Negev and we could use the money to achieve positive goals!" The question is, says Kopatsch, what would Hamas and Hezbollah do with all the stuff they can't sell to us? And the answer is simple: they'd smoke it themselves! They'd smoke it themselves, and they'd be relaxed. And a good Arab is a relaxed Arab." (A play on the far-right Israeli slogan "a good Arab is a dead Arab".) Kopatsch takes a deep drag, exhales and stares into the distance as he surmises: "That's my take on security issues".


NP Snag said...

thats very not pashut

NPT Snag said...

my inner snag tells me that perhaps NPT may have run it's course