Monday, March 16, 2009

Pashut picture

This Jew thought he got a special deal- HA


Couch Yid said...

Haha thats great.
This is a good idea for the 72nd Dr. Softball Jerseys for next year.

Not PaShoot-er McGavin said...

What's not pashut about that picture is that he didn't get stoned!

Reishit Shtick said...

Not Pashoot-er McGavin - great reference to "Samech Od Zim".

Not Pa-Shooter McGavin said...

My heilege Reishit Brother-
I have absolutely no idea what that means.

Reishit Shtick said...

Sameach= happy
od = more
zim = gil (like on a fish)

Your name is a great reference to the maovie Happy Gilmore.

Back in my dat we had kids who made a list of the 70+ nicknames they had for people their year.

Classic - and this was also the year of the B'hoc!

HaAdmor said...

ok a-licht just reveal urself

Not Pa-Shooter McGavin said...

Reishit Shtick;

very nice touch!

(i guess i should have known that because i was one of the parties who came up with that bechina!)

Reishit Shtick said...

For all of you who are unaware of what is going on, you should read Couch Yids B'hoch essay from.

Not Pa-Shooter McGavin said...

great material - you sent it to me during JSchap's class!

(in regard to your previous comment Reishit Shtick, I don't know if any1 besides us [and maybe HaAdmor] checks NPT anymore)

Anonymous said...

trust me - alotaaa people check NPT - trust me