Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pashut fish!

Hawaii Fish Coughs Up Gold Watch- NP (not pashut)

from AP ELEELE, Hawaii (June 4) - Hawaii resident Curt Carish boasts a timely fish tale: a 10-inch reef fish he caught by hand in shallow water coughed up a ticking gold watch. Carish says he was enjoying a picnic Wednesday on Port Allen beach when he saw the nenue fish awkwardly swimming close to shore.Skip over this content A Hawaiian man said he noticed this 10-inch reef fish's belly looked strangely large when he caught it by hand on Wednesday. But Curt Carish was still surprised when a gold watch appeared next to its mouth a short while later. The fish apparently coughed up the still-ticking watch. He says a friend gave him a bamboo stick and told him to get the fish. So he jumped into the waist-high water and hit the nenue until it went limp.Skip over this content He noticed the fish had an abnormally large belly as he tossed it into a cooler. A friend opened the cooler later to discover a gold watch next to the fish's mouth. Carish says the watch was ticking and keeping correct time. *(i bet it read not pashut times)

heres a cute joke too

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haha. awesome, NP, comic.