Friday, September 12, 2008

Marijuana Flavored Lollipops

PASHUT -POPS (high wittiness news) (karate weed kid)

and lastley review the sugya on POT hababikisnin or kislack- thats Jay kislack. (thanks shabtai)

(Pot haba- bikis'nin Gemera brachos 42a)


ahron the security guard said...

What's Shabtai got to do with it?

i love torah do u? said...

its his line and behar (like the parsha) liked it so he decieded to post it

Sruli said...

my first encounter with such a thing was in tenth- or maybe eleventh- grade. Some guy in school was eating a lolipop and said: hey check this out. And i knew it when i smelled it. It is funny because it happens to be that i was thinking about it a few days ago. I was wondering if they are kosher.