Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Pashut Times - Fall Semester '08

With the start of the new zman (or school year for you secular folk) , comes many not so pashut times. Starting anything new brings some bumps in the road, but this past week has been extra N.P. Coming back to college with all the accompanied stresses was especially rough after a very relaxing and much needed summer break. Here are just a few of the not pashut things that I have come across in the past week alone...

Not Pashut 1 - Moving
This past Sunday while everyone else in America was enjoying their Labor Day BBQ's, myself and 4 other of my roomates had the zechus of moving out of the crescent. We started at noon, cleaned and cleared everything from the 3 story house we called home last year, packed it into a uhaul and moved it all a few blocks away. By the time we moved it all back in to our new home, it was 3a.m. It was a crazy day, my hands burned for a few days after from all the moving and I'm still sore from it all.

Not Pashut 2 - Pritzus
Moon only brought to my attention what everybody knows - that the pritzus all over college campuses is nisht pashut. I hear that even in Y.U they have this problem. Apparently, many Stern girls come uptown because they have nothing better to do than to watch the Macs and get macked.

Not Pashut 3 - Textbooks

The cost of textbooks is insane. This textbook alone cost me $170! If I were to have bought all of my textbooks at the bookstore, I would be looking at a bill of over 500 beans. I don't understand how the average QC student affords it, or how these company's can get away with it, but I'll tell you one thing I do know - that the cost of textbooks definitely aint pashut.

Well it can only get better from here; the new apartment is almost all moved in, and is looking really nice and clean(thanks stoke), the winter is right around the bend and as the weather goes down the clothes get put on, and you can always get some money back from selling your textbooks online. I wish everyone a great Elul and a good new start to your zman and/or school year. If your feeling stressed or overwhelmed, feel free to share your recent N.P encounters right here. IT HELPS.

Good Shabbos!!

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FERN said...

o hey sohn.
im stressed bc i live w a roomamte whos not so pashut. his preference is learning in the dreig, and sometimes he makes sweet jokes. but worst of all, hes a machug and he doesnt even know it. what should i do?